Wednesday, October 29, 2008

PE mini-conference

This year was not only the first year I attended a mini-conference but it was also the first time I got to participate as well. Before our guest speaker my EDU 255 class along with Dr. Yang's other EDU 255 class got to march out and help with the icebreaker activity. It went really well and i think we did a good job of representing our class and SUNY Cortland. After the icebreaker activities, Dr. John R. Passarini spoke on his experiences with Katie Lynch and his acceptance of the Adaptive PE teacher of the year award. His speech about Katie was very moving. I really enjoyed listening to his experience of working with her and other differently abled people. After the keynote session with Dr. Passarini I attended our TA's presentation of Sepak Takraw. DJ's presentation was very organized and very interesting. I had a lot of fun attempting to play with the actual Sepak Takraw balls. I thought it was a great idea that he used TBI in his presentation. He set up different nets at different heights incase people didn't feel comfortable using the proper net height. After the Sepak Takraw presentation i went to the speed stacking presentation. That was a lot of fun. Most people weren't very good in the beginning but everyone seemed to catch on quickly. Overall i think the entire mini-conference was very beneficial to myself and my teaching career. I'm looking forward to attending more PE conferences in the future as well.

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