Monday, December 1, 2008


Lab D was very similar to lab c except that we were given 15 minutes to work by yourself rather than working with a partner. I chose to continue with Korfball rather than switching sports after consulting with DJ. One of the requirements for lab d was that we meet with a TA to go over our lesson plan. Meeting with DJ could not have possibly been more beneficial to me. At first I was a little discouraged that he tore my lesson plan apart but I realized how much better I would now do after getting help. I felt I did a much better job on Lab d than Lab c. I improved my activity time to be above 50% and kept my management and wait time under 15% and 5% respectively. I do need to continue to work on keeping my instruction time down but I feel that may have been influenced by the actual sport I was teaching rather than just my teaching abilities. Ideally you would want your instruction time to be less than 30% of your lesson. Mine took up 39% of my lesson which I'm not very upset with. I was worried my instruction time would outweigh my activity time so seeing my time coding form was a pleasant surprise. I thought my instant activity went well as well as my task of 4 on 4 korfball. I most definitely looked more professional and tried to sound more professional also. I dont know my score overall score yet but i'm confident with my performance and I just have to remember to calm down and not write things on my hand if I don't want the TA's to laugh at me:) Here is my lab d time coding form where you can see what percentage of my lesson is management time, activity time, instruction time and waiting time. I also have my lab d transcript as well as my feedback analysis form so you can see how i've improved in both my speaking (which still needs work) and my ability to give feedback which I feel has always been one of my stronger points. I have my lab c/d packet that contains an entire Korfball unit and my lab d lesson plan that goes with it.


Our first teaching experience with lesson plans was lab c. We were assigned partners and asked to pick a sport to teach our peers. Kate and I were partners and we chose Korfball, a basketball-like sport from the Netherlands. The whole experience was a lot more difficult than I expected. I realized lesson plans are much more difficult than I had previously assumed them to be. I also forgot to add in quite a few key teaching concepts. I'm comfortable with the concepts of pinpointing and intertask variation but I failed to incorporate either into my lab c presentation. I believe that the more I teach, the more comfortable I will become and I wont forget to add in the simple things that make a lesson better. To start off I really have to work on using better grammar. The transcript I made from my lab c mp3 showed that I dont sound very professional. I do have strong points however. I feel I do a good job at giving feedback. My feedback analysis form for lab c had a wide variety of different students on it. The majority of my feedback was specific and congruent as well. Overall I feel I performed to the best of my ability. It was very difficult to teach Korfball to the class because I had to spend a lot of time teaching rules and instructing which took away from activity time. You can see how I used my time for lab c by checking out my time coding form. I will definitely use the knowledge I've acquired from this lab to help me continue to improve with each teaching experience.