Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Exploration Scavenger Hunt

Last friday our EDU 255 TA's Freddy and DJ helped show the class how to teach by teaching for us. They put on a scavenger hunt with a hook about being famous explorers. We were required to wear heartrate monitors while we participated in the scavenger hunt as well. As you'll be able to tell from the picture of my heartrate, my monitor wasn't always working. We were sprinting from place to place to try and get all the pictures DJ asked us to get. My monitor wasn't staying in place so it looked as if I had no heartrate at all. There was also a fire drill so when our entire class was outside park center my monitor didn't work with so many people's monitors being too close to my watch. For the few moments everything was going smoothly my heartrate was quite high. I was only in the target zone for 13% of the time. I'm not sure if that means i'm out of shape or that i needed a tighter strap for my monitor. I'm going to go with needing a tighter strap for confidence reasons. My favorite activity was the instant activity of coming up with an idea for our flag for our group and then speed coloring it. I thought it was a very creative instant activity. I enjoyed the entire activity. I liked how it kept everyone engaged, interested, and most importantly active throughout its entirety. I also enjoyed the way technology was incorporated into the activity. I most definitely will take this with me when i teach in the future. I think its important to try new and different things to reach out to students they may not respond well to just physical activity. I can see myself doing a scavenger hunt type activity in the future as well. It is an activity that can help incorporate interdisciplinary teaching into the lesson which I feel is important for students. Learning similar information in two different classes will only help a student understand the information faster and more easily. Freddy and DJ did this through making the scavenger hunt include information about famous explorers students would be learning about in history classes.

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