Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Field observation!

For my EDU 256 class I was given the opportunity to observe and teach at my former high school, and middle school (Canisteo-Greenwood Central School District). At the high school I worked with my host teacher to create a bulletin board for badminton serves, I worked with a student with disabilities and behavior management issues in phys ed and non-phys ed settings, I interviewed an expemplary teacher, and I actively assisted an extra-curricular activity. At the middle school I was able to work with another children with a learning disability in a variety of settings, I was able to lead warm-ups for students in grades 5-8 as well as teaching full lesson segments. On a few occasions I was even given the opportunity to teach the entire class. Also at the middle school I attended a school board meeting. At each placement I was required to observe my host teacher using the c9 form we used for lab d in 255. Throughout the two week period I was required to finish 12 modules not including a host teacher review of my performance. I will have all modules attached at the end for you to see. Overall I felt the entire experience was an eye opener. I never thought of myself as a middle school or an elementary teacher. After working with high-school students i'm pretty sure thats not the direction I want to go. I really enjoyed working with the middle school age group. I had fun being goofy and enthusiastic but they were still athletic enough to engage in activities I would have fun in.