Tuesday, October 14, 2008

transcript reflection for ultimate frizbee

The transcript assignment was to teach the class a simple task involving ultimate frisbee while being recorded. We were to listen to our audio and write down every word we said including all the "umms" and "uhhs". I assumed I would sound very confused and unsure of myself. Thankfully after hearing myself teach I was not disappointed. I had no trouble staying away from all the filler words like umm. I did say "so" a few too many times in my opinion. I also feel I need to work on not repeating words a lot of times. For example when I would tell the class to bring it in i would repeat the phrase at least twice. On the upside I felt I did a good job being loud and enthusiastic. It was especially hard to talk above my peers because they were very loud. I believe this was because it was a game-like situation and they were having fun. I also believe I did a good job providing feedback although it was usually general rather than specific.

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