Monday, December 1, 2008


Our first teaching experience with lesson plans was lab c. We were assigned partners and asked to pick a sport to teach our peers. Kate and I were partners and we chose Korfball, a basketball-like sport from the Netherlands. The whole experience was a lot more difficult than I expected. I realized lesson plans are much more difficult than I had previously assumed them to be. I also forgot to add in quite a few key teaching concepts. I'm comfortable with the concepts of pinpointing and intertask variation but I failed to incorporate either into my lab c presentation. I believe that the more I teach, the more comfortable I will become and I wont forget to add in the simple things that make a lesson better. To start off I really have to work on using better grammar. The transcript I made from my lab c mp3 showed that I dont sound very professional. I do have strong points however. I feel I do a good job at giving feedback. My feedback analysis form for lab c had a wide variety of different students on it. The majority of my feedback was specific and congruent as well. Overall I feel I performed to the best of my ability. It was very difficult to teach Korfball to the class because I had to spend a lot of time teaching rules and instructing which took away from activity time. You can see how I used my time for lab c by checking out my time coding form. I will definitely use the knowledge I've acquired from this lab to help me continue to improve with each teaching experience.

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